This Month in PHCSoAI : Timeline for March.

This Month in PHCSoAI : Timeline for March.


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Hello all and welcome to this beautiful month of March (better late than never) and we hope you're killing all your limitations and marching towards your goals.

As has become custom, every first week of a new month, the community releases her schedule and reviews for the month to make it easier for the general public and community members to track the major activities intended to be carried out by the community for that month, plan ahead, and also serve as a means to track progress. In other words, this is our way of breeding accountability and sustainability.

Where there is no accountability, there also will be no responsibility." โ€• Sunday Adelaja.

What we didn't achieve in Feburary

From last month's edition, we were pretty much successful at hitting all our goals, save for three, which are:

  • Release of learners' brochure for the Practical Machine Learning cohort 2020.

  • Call for impact-drivers and volunteers for the Port Harcourt School of AI 2020.

  • Publish blog post detailing answers to FAQs received during the live tweet session that was held last month.

We are pushing this tasks over to this month and will work hard to accomplish them.

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Moving On.

This month, we plan to :

1. March 7th - Kick off the Practical Machine Learning Course training cohort.

The training cohort will kick off this Saturday with a workshop on โ€œBuilding With Empathy: A Design Thinking Approach" by Tamutonye Richard who is the creative director at Nira Labs. Other details have been disclosed to registered participants. To learn more about the training cohort, click here .

2. March 13th - Release the second batch of guest speakers/facilitators for the Machine Learning course.

We recently released the first batch of speakers/facilitators for the training cohort and it was ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ. On the 13th, we will be releaing a poster containing details of the secon batch of speakers all with industry experience. We will also welcoming some alphabet employees from Google AI and Google Cloud. Stay Tuned !!

3. March 14th - Week 2 of Practical Machine (#pmlcourse20) Training Cohort

Training will continue for the #pmlcourse20 participants on โ€œData Vectorization and Visualization with NumPy and Matplotlib (Series 1)โ€ where they will be introduced to the NumPy Python library and use that to learn the basic mathematics needed to for machine learning starters.

4. March 14th - Women in Data Science Conference Port Harcourt by Harrena African Talents in partnership with Port Harcourt School of AI.

In celebration of all the awesome women worldwide, the Women in Data Science Conference will be held on the 14th of March to to support women in the field of data science and also to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender. If you wish to be part of this register here.

5. March 16th - Announce our accessibility programs for our online community.

Our vision is to democratize and make world class AI education accessible to all, one city at a time. In line with that, we will be announcing some programs that we are working on that will help us in our vision of making AI education accessible enough. Stay tuned!

6. March 20th - Call For Volunteers

We couldn't release our call for volunteers last month as we tried to sort out a lot of things. We are going to work at making this happen this March.

Here, we are very keen on working with individuals who primarily have the drive for impact and believe in impacting people's lives. The community will need a number of volunteers across defined sectors in the organization which will be made known during the application process. We are a team of very talented, young, and passionate young people that are willing to go the extra mile to make sure we make the required impact in our society. If this is something you think you'd want to hop on to, you can check back on our blog or any of our other channels on this day.

7. March 21st - Week 3 of Practical Machine Learning Training Cohort

Training continues with a 3rd class on "Data Vectorization and Visualization with NumPy and Matplotlib (Series 2)โ€. This class, we get introduced to Matplotlib, its integration with NumPy, and the power of data visualization with the library.

8. March 21st - Port Harcourt School of AI partners with Teens in AI for an AI Bootcamp and Hackathon program for teenagers and Children in Port Harcourt.

We will be partnering with Teens in AI to organize a hackthon for the teenagers and children(No one will be left out in our quest to make AI education accessible ๐Ÿ˜Š). Detail will be announced soon.

9. March 21st - Release of learners' brochure for the Port Harcourt School of AI (PHC SoAI) training cohort.

In our bid to be learner-centric in our programs, we are currently designing a brochure for learners and potential learners of our course so that they can get more details on the program structure and other necessary information they would need to succeed in the program. It will be released on this day.

10. March 28th - Week 4 of Practical Machine Learning Training Cohort

For the 4th week, students will get to work on an exciting visualization project that will help boost their communication skills. See you in class!!!

That's all for now, see you next month!! Peace โœŒ๏ธ

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