AI School Africa Partners With Google Crowdsource

AI School Africa Partners With Google Crowdsource

We have partnered with Google Crowdsource to democratize quality data education and opportunities.

Hello community,

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Google Crowdsource, a division under Google LLC, to further our cause of democratizing quality data education and opportunities to our members.


This press release covers the details of the partnership.

What's Google Crowdsource?

Crowdsource is a crowdsourcing platform developed by Google to improve many Google products, such as Maps, through user-facing training of various algorithms. It provides a fun, easy way for anyone to use their abilities to contribute to the building blocks of several of Google’s artificial intelligence-based products.

Answers from millions of users are used to improve these products for them and the world's diverse population.

Why did AI School partner with Google Crowdsource?

To bolster the quality of our learning programs with Google Crowdsource's Learning Community initiative

Our cause at AI School Africa is to make accessible quality data science education and opportunities for our members without the need to pay a premium. This is a core reason we decided to partner with Google Crowdsource to bring the Crowdsource Learning Community initiative.

The Crowdsource Learning Community initiative is an excellent opportunity for our members to build their portfolio with certifications from Google, make meaningful contributions that directly impact Google's AI, and also interact with trained facilitators and Googlers worldwide.

The initiative is divided into three phases, each comprising community activities around contributions to Crowdsource leading to different learning sessions. In addition, the team at Google Crowdsource will curate and share a curriculum of courses, training, and certifications that you can take during this program. Here is a broad look at how the Learning Community Program will work:


The Learning Community Program overview -- Crowdsource by Google.

To onboard members as Google Crowdsource community influencers

Being a Google Crowdsource Influencer is a prestigious honour—one that committed members of AI School Africa will benefit from through this partnership.

Registered members of AI School Africa will automatically be onboarded as Crowdsource influencers in their local campuses, cities, country, and region. They will host and attend Crowdsource meetups with support from the team at Google Crowdsource and AI School Africa. They will also join "OnAir" sessions with Googlers to upskill themselves and improve their career. They would also be trained by Googlers to facilitate workshops and sessions relevant to their industry.

How will this impact the community?

At AI School Africa, we are always looking to democratize access to learning data technologies and accessing data opportunities. The launch of our membership program will centralize our efforts and make it easier to collaborate with top organizations and institutions providing premium education and opportunities.

We are currently adapting this learning program to our exclusive membership program launching soon, alongside other exciting learning opportunities that will help our members grow their careers and make relevant contributions to society.

To join, register here.

Next steps

This initiative and partnership are among a few more that will be launched this year for our membership program at AI School Africa. We hope you are excited as we are to make quality data education and opportunities accessible.

To stay up to date with our next steps:

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